Monday, August 20, 2012

 Hey everyone! I have a REALLY exciting post for you all to celebrate my 1,000nth view on my blog. Even though I surpassed this a LONG time ago(I have 1,500 now) I still wanted to say thank you for sticking with me through awkward sayings, descriptions, and my constant remind of checking out my book blog. To thank you guys(P.S. My thank you is not a giveaway! As much as I would love to do one, I just don't have enough people checking out my blog. If I made a giveaway now, all I'd have is like one person entering) I spent ALL morning taking pictures of me being stupid. If you're thinking 'This is not Halloween, Emily,' then I have two sentences for you 'I am a five year old mastermind. Don't mind me at my work.' ALSO, I some REALLY excited news. I shot a 'Behind the Scenes/How I did my makeup and hair' so I MIGHT upload that. I hope I will sometime soon, but no guarantee! Here is what I call 'The five year old mastermind plays dress up'.(P.S. The order is my least favorite, to my favorite!!)

Here's like a close up of the makeup I did to me. Don't mind my awkward facial expressions :)

Me looking hip.

Yay. More random face pictures. Don't I look so good??(Don't answer that.)
Ooh lala! Most pictures I've put in a collage!

Couple of my face and me looking....just...well. You decide.
More hip me!(**PLEASE SCROLL DOWN!**)
Ah! You've made it to the end of today's blog post. Thank you SO much for all the views I've been getting(EVEN though if i had 3 views I'd still be making these)! I hope you somewhat enjoyed my awkwardness(.....please say you did!) It took me SUCH a long time to finish this. My camera died TWICE during the picture taking. The first time was because I had NO battery in it so I pretty much took like 3 pictures and it died. When I went to change my camera, I only did it for about 10 minutes. I took more pictures and then...well you guessed it. Died again. Also another reason this took SO long was because my camera would NOT stay still. It kept on moving! If you look at the picture above(I'm talking about the one on the top left) the bottom has what looks like a blueish white thing(I actually have no idea what it is). I edited most that out, but the reason you can still see a little bit sticking out is because I didn't want to pretty much crop half the picture. I LOVED doing this. I'm definitely going to be doing more(But sadly not very often) so enjoy!
And remember, I love you all♥

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