Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello! Here is another post for you all! I took this one about a week and a half ago-and it honestly just looked like darkness when I took it. I wanted to see how the photo would look if I just added some light
and I really do like it.

It may mean nothing when you first look at it, but I think it looks a little mysterious-but in a good way. Of course, you could just see this photo as random black spots, but if you pay attention, you can see that the dark spots are actually rocks and trees. Also, you can probably tell that this is extremely blurry, but I actually think that it looks better this way. And honestly, I think it looks a little like the popular computer game, Slender. 

Of course, for those of you that know the game, there obviously isn't a thin man in a suit trying to kill you in this picture. However, the blurriness in the photo looks similar to what your screen looks like just when he's going to 'get you'. It's a little hazy, but he's not here yet(if that makes sense).

Either way, here is the photo. (P.S. Scroll down for another picture!)

Also, as a little bonus, here is the unedited picture.
And remember, I love you all♥

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