Saturday, October 6, 2012


I think I'm the worst person at keeping up with my blog. I apologize, and I promise to get more in track with these. Today I decided to do a playlist and I'm calling it a "Fall Playlist" although it doesn't have anything to do with Fall. Also, I'm thinking of doing monthly favorites on here...would anyone be interested in seeing one? I'm not exactly a makeup person, so it's going to just be random items. I'm still unsure, but back to the playlist. This one is actually going to be pretty long, so hang on for a long musical journey! As usual, I will be making comments on the bottom of many of the songs.

Whenever I listen to this song, I feel as if I'm in a 1960's time machine. 

It's a little big funny how both these songs have the word "Eleanor" in the title, and how both were originated around the same era. The only difference is the spelling.

I really like this song, and it's folksy feeling.

I may or may not have dance parties in my bedroom with this song. Listen to it!

I LOVE Two Door Cinema Club, they have such an...indie pop feel...but in a good way.

Another brilliant song.

As you can see, I just really like this band.

....More of this band.


Sent by clothesencounters(An amazing YouTube Channel!). 

12) Run-Air
I actually really like Air. I know their songs are sort of just a mix of computer generated sounds, but I really do enjoy the songs, nonetheless. 

This is a last minute song, since I just started listening to it yesterday, but I love Amy Winehouse!


Stay tuned for another playlist next month!

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