Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey everyone! This is ....*drumroll*....MY MORNING ROUTINE. I know I've been saying for a few weeks now that I'll have it up, and that I'll stop slacking on posts, but I think that after you hear the amount of hours I put into this, that you're just going to have to forgive me. 

Either way, here is my morning routine! To hear more details about the making of it, read the description below the video( I know it's really long). I know that this isn't your average morning routine-this is more like a music video rather than me explaining to you how my morning usually goes-but I worked EXTREMELY hard on this so please watch!

I'm going to be completely honest with you, this 1 minute and 45 second video took hours to make and edit. First of all, when I was filming, I had to charge my camera in the middle of the filming because it died...4 times. When I recharged it, I obviously didn't recharge all the way, but apparently it wasn't enough to last the rest of filming because I had to do this multiple times. However, this process took a million times less time than editing and really only took a little over a half an hour.

Now, for the seemingly long part of the making of "My Morning Routine", I'm going to talk about the troubles I had editing. To give you some background info, my editing system in awful. I do have the Sony Vegas Pro on my laptop which works like a charm, but my parents took away my laptop and it's been gone now for 9 months, and so I'm obviously not getting it back anytime soon. Currently, I use the never coveted, Vista Movie Maker because I have nothing else to use.

Now, let me tell you, that the current up-to-date version of Movie Maker is a complete waste. It really is so bad that it's almost unusable. When I first got the update and realized how incredibly useless it is, I went on the internet and downloaded my old version back onto the computer. Sadly, the internet doesn't give you perfect downloads, and so although the version I have now is better than the latest version of Movie Maker, it does hold flaws. And those flaws hold the fact that the more you start using it, it starts to freeze after every edit and play and then crash after a while.

The solution to this problem would be to log off and back on to my computer, but while effective, it makes editing much more time consuming and just stressful. And I may or may not have lost a lot of what I edited due to crashing, and so I had to re-edit about half of this video again because it decided to flee away and die. 

The editing experience itself, though, was complete bliss. Not too many people know this, but I'm a big fan of making movies. I think the whole process of writing a script, getting people together, filming, and editing is breathtakingly fun. Unfortunately, I have not made a video in 9 months because as I already said, the internet version of Movie Maker has flaws and when I upload the video from my camera, there is no audio. Basically, it just doesn't allow the format of the video, but nevertheless, I can't fix that. On my laptop I could edit with audio, but it's been gone for 3/4's of the year and so I haven't really made anything, unless you count the how to video I made a couple months ago on how to achieve the makeup/hair look to the dead photo shoot I did. But honestly, that has been all I've done in a while.

FUN FACT: My morning routine was originally going to be a million times less grand than it turned out to be. My first idea on what to do was to do my morning routine through pictures. Then as I began thinking more about it, the idea through pictures sounded a little bland and so I decided to do video and voice over with my crappy microphone. After I uploaded all my video to my computer and started to edit, within the first few minutes, that idea went out into the trash and I decided to make it super grand and kind of like a music video. I know it's different from what most morning routine's are like, but I actually think that it turned out better a music video, than with voice over.

I know this description is really long (It turned out longer than I expected) but I really do hope you enjoyed this video. All in all, it took three and a half hours- half and hour shooting and three hours editing. And hey, you know what's next! Room tour!

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