Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in FOREVER but I (sorta) promise to update more often! This is going to be a fall playlist and so here you go!

Yep, I'm still onto my Air obseession. For some odd reason, computer generated sounds appeal to me.

All the notes in this song are unpredictable. I really like it.

This song is super catchy(and my new best friend)

I really like this song and I was reading a few of the comments and read across a description of this song saying 'Its almost like a bitter sweet, kinda overjoyed sad' which I really think captures the tone perfectly.

I am an absolute obsession with this song. It puts me in sort of a 90's rave when I listen to it, and even though my time in the 90's was short lived(I don't remember any of it), I really do the song.

LOVE THE ZOMBIES! The most underrated band of the 90's with a badass name

This song really is just another jumble of computer generated sounds, except this time taken from a movie, but really is good. When I listen to it, it's just....puts me in a happy mood.


12) Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana
This song really is one of the best songs on this playlist, and I'm just recently getting into Nirvana. Definitely my favorite song by Nirvana and it's definitely a "must listen-to"

OKAY, the original song isn't by Amanda Brown(It's Aerosmith) but I've been listening to her version recently, and hey, she's currently a contestant on The Voice. When you listen to the falsetto at the end, it's so good that I may or may not have wanted to jump up and just completely go bonkers.

Thanks for checking out my playlist! Hopefully, you've found a song or two that you've liked, and I'll have my next post sometime in the future! Unfortunately, I can't say tomorrow because I have trimester exams all through Thursday and Friday. Today, I pretty much worked on over an hour of math homework because I didn't want to have to do it tomorrow. Either way, see you sometime soon.

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