Tuesday, January 1, 2013

playlist of the year

Hello! Today, in celebration of the new year, I decided to show you twelve of my favorite songs from 2012. Originally, I saw this idea on tumblr, and so decided to transfer it onto blogger. Either way, here is a medley of the greatest hits of this year. (P.S. This is in no particular order)

This really is my favorite song of all time, so it had to make an appearance in this playlist. 

I'm just a really big fan of this band. Their music is really good.

I just really love this song, so give it a listen!

Very addicting to listen to. For some odd reason, the video I have linked to the song, is pretty much the greatest lyric video I've seen. It was made about 7 years ago, but I really like it.

Definitely the catchiest out of the bunch. This song, in my opinion, is just a very universal song. Many of my friends, who's music taste differs from mine, all agree that this is just a good tune.

The newest song out of this entire playlist. I found about this recently.

An old, but really good song.

Okay, so this isn't exactly a published song. The actual version is really good, but I'm a bigger fan of this. Fiona Apple>other female singers.

I'm in completely love with this song. The unreleased version is extremely bad ass as well. I know that this is technically two songs, but I'm calling it one.

#11 Sun-Two Door Cinema Club
I just really like this song, this band has made it's debut on this playlist quite a lot.

This is a song that really just grew onto me. At first I thought it was okay, but as I continued listening to it, the tune really clicked with my mind.

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