Saturday, March 23, 2013

why have I been gone so long?

Hello! I feel so sad writing this post, because unfortunately, it will be the last time. Don't be too sad, because....I have a new blog! Yes, I have moved platforms and I'm now using jux. 

Before you unfollow and never check here again, I might come back to blogger sooner or later so it is a possible goodbye...? The reason I'm leaving blogger was because I wanted a platform more intricate and less simple. Although jux (I think) has what I want, blogger is my home and I might not be able to abandon it.

Now, MY BOOK BLOG IS STILL BLOGGER! I am NOT planning to move platforms for that ANY TIME soon. When it comes to stuff like book reviews, the simplicity of blogger comes in handy.

I am going to miss every single person who has ever stumbled upon my blog, through all of my horrible posts and changing URL's. This goodbye makes me a lot sadder than I'd like to be, so there is a good chance I will be back better than ever.

Go ahead and follow my jux.

book blog time

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