Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hey guys! I haven't posted here in AGES! Recently, I watched Arose186's(aka Arden!) video on her music playlist and so I decided "UM YES." to doing it on here! First off, watch Arden video since a lot of the songs she mentioned are in this playlist! Click here to watch her video!So here is I guess my "Summer Playlist" The songs are not in any particular order and I'll also put a link to the song so you can listen to them on YouTube! Just click on the song title and it'll direct you to the song. Also, the songs will open in a new window so you'll still be on this page. Below the song, I might post my thoughts on a few. Enjoy!
Also, just saying but the first 6 songs were in Arden's playlist. I liked all the songs she showed, but these are my favorites from the entire video!
Not by absolute favorite, but I still LOVE it
 Has sort of a oldie feeling to it! Fun to listen in the morning! 
It's really catchy!
This song is like...really intense. It's music that I'd usually not listen to but I LOVE IT!! It's such a good song. 
This song is probably the catchiest out of all the ones I've showed. ITS SO GOOD. Fun song to listen to on repeat since I pretty much like dance in my room to it. 
MICHAEL BUBLE IS AMAZING. Song has such a jazzy feel!
This is probably the second or third catchiest song in here. ITS SO GOOD!(And the music video is funny!)
I knew this song for a LONG time but I never really gave much of a thought to it, but this summer I started to listen to it and I LOVE IT! WHEN YOU TOLD ME!! THAT YOU DIDN'T NEED ME ANYMORE! Um YES.
Haven't listened to this song in SUCH A LONG TIME. I listened to it a lot in the beginning of summer, so that's why it's in the playlist! I'm kinda sick of it now because I pretty much put it on repeat for HOURS AND HOURS EVERY DAY.

And that's it! Hopefully you at least clicked on one of these links! There are so many songs that I've liked during the summer, but these are just my favorites. What are your favorite songs for the summer? Also, I'm thinking of doing a my favorite songs of all time playlist, like songs that I've LOVED for years! 

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