Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey everyone! This is my "How to look like a dead supernatural person(..?)" tutorial. This is also the look that I wore in my...I guess photo shoot? For the first few seconds, I know that you can't see most of the words on the screen but I don't exactly know how to fix it so it's just going to look like that. I also know that the audio is absolutely HORRIBLE but this is the best I could do speaking that the microphone I have is really bad. Also, once I upload the video to blogspot, and the quality gets much worse once you upload so that's why it looks so bad. I would recommend not watching it on full screen. I hope you guys enjoyed. My next post will most likely be a few more pictures from my dead look. I had lots of fun making this tutorial and (hopefully) I'll do more in the future!
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And remember, I love you all♥

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