Thursday, November 29, 2012

Status kills

Hi! I'm actually very excited for this post since it's very different from what I usually do. 
And you know what that is?
I'm going to secretly and publicly humiliate people!
Back Story: I am so sick of people posting these awful statuses on Facebook, yet so many of them are so bad that they sort of become funny. So I'm going to show you right now, what people post. AND I'm seriously just going to go onto my newsfeed and copy and paste. 

This is really what people do with their lives.

1) well um how do i put this, i really fucking like you & i just want you to be mine already. ok cool.

2)I have a big forehead...

3)Almost got into a cart accident lol 

4)if im mean enough to call you a cunt, your obvioulsy a fucking cunt. lol @ bitches that fuck things up for you. your such a good friend, jk no fuck you.

5)You is talking shit but im somebody you would love to be..

6) Yes girls, you will not get kissed under the mistletoe if you keep complaining about it.

7) no, fuck you.

8)Date, with my girl...and some hoes that came along ;) ♥

9)When i see you my heart beats a little faster.
My stomach gets all fluttery.
And my smile gets bigger. (:

10)This was officially the worst year of Trick-Or-Treating EVER!!! MY parents wouldn't let me go with any of my friends! They're all, "Halloween is family-time." It's like, "No. Halloween is a time to go with friends and scare the crap outa kids and get candy. -_-"

11)Boy says I have really pretty eyes...THEY'RE DARK BROWN.

13)Life isn't a garden
So stop being a hoe

12) that akward moment in a disney book when somebody wakes up to being choked with beer and that beer is spiked???

13) no fuck you, im done with your bullshit.

14) Open padddd at my friends hmuuuu. its not a party withoutt boysss(;

15)i eat when im sad & im pretty sure i just gained like 20 nbd.

You are all just so smart I almost died.

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